Saturday, April 25, 2020

Hello World!

Hello World!

Welcome to our blog (Network Security Simplified).

We have the idea and the passion to create a space where we can broadcast ideas about how to secure your network, how to configure controls and provide services in a secure way, how to translate the regulations and recommendations into secure actions in your network.

We write about secure architectures well-designed, validated, and configured with best practices. These architectures can be implemented fully or partially within your environment, based on your use case and based on your scenarios. In addition, we write some guidelines about how to configure, upgrade, or activate new features.

The question you have and we already have as well, what is the difference between you and all others blogs, tweets, posts on the globe? The answer is, we are trying to present something different, more sophisticated, more technical, and the most important thing, more practical.

Till our first post, stay safe.

Network Security Simplified Team.

For any comments, please contact us (blog at network-security dot site).